Herd Health

  • All sale cattle are vaccinated for BVD, Lepto, and IBR.
  • Johnes Disease: Annual testing of all cattle over 2 years since 2013 last test December 2017.
  • The herd is tested annually for TB (This is mandatory in the Rep. of Ireland) Since records began the farm has never had a TB breakdown.
  • The last full herd test for TB was conducted in December 2017.
  • Should any animal sell outside of the Rep. of Ireland a export TB test will be required prior to movement from our farm direct to the new owner’s farm.

Weight Recording:

  • The Caramba Herd is a member of the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF’s) and also members of their Whole Herd Performance Recording (WHPR)
  • The weights advertised for each lot are officially verified by an approved weight recording member of ICBF.
  • The projected sale date weight is based on ICBF forecasting.


  • We offer a female breed guarantee
  • All bulls will be semen tested prior to leaving the farm.
  • Docile: The sale cattle are halter broken however some may require additional work to lead.


  • We all know how difficult and long this winter has been. Therefore, we are very happy to retain any sale animal at your request until end of May / early June.
  • All animals sold in the auction will be delivered direct from our farm to the buyer’s farm free of charge.
  • We will provide free transportation to UK that includes Northern Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland.
  • In certain circumstances and dependent on the distance that the lorry is required to travel we may need to arrange a central meeting location to avoid a stopover between our farm and your farm.
  • Animals purchased within the Rep. of Ireland.
    The movement can be arranged directly after the lot number closes and delivery is expected to be inside one week.


  • 40% deposit is required within 3 days of the sale closing.
  • Balance will be due 24 hours before the agreed delivery date.
  • If you require a different arrangement to what is stated please request this prior to bidding.

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